IN VOGUE – Songs by Madonna

In Vogue: Songs by Madonna

The Boards, Edinburgh Playhouse

8- 9, 15-17 August.




All the way from Australia comes Michael Griffiths to bring us his alter ego, “the most famous bitch on the planet” – Madonna to the festival, upstairs in the plush Playhouse Bar.

Playing with his baby grand piano, with his dapper smart shirt, braces and slick hairdo, he reads and sings Louise Ciccone’s diary and back catalogue with panache, style and feeling, whilst drinking out of the finest china known to mangina!

Any decent Madge fan will get his Gaga gags: on royalties: “if you can’t resist the delicious rush from stealing music – then steal gagas” meow!

He’s got style, that’s what all the guys n dolls say, Michael is a fantastic cabaret act, he’ll l ‘take you there’, go see. FOUR STARS.


Reviewer – Christine Morgan

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