THE LADY BOYS OF BANGKOK – Glamorous Amourous Tour

Lady Boys of Bangkok 

Meadows Theatre Big Top

8-25 Aug




This massive venue on The Meadows says a lot about the scale of this production.  3 shows every day seating  up to 800 people.  This commercial behemoth draws office workers, hen nights, grannies and the curious.  A quick headcount reveals a gender ratio of 70/30 in favour of female.

We couldn’t get our premium table as there were people sitting there, the venue having double booked the table.  We said to the staff and were moved to another table but with a reduced view.  We were also searched on the way in which I found intrusive.  Over-priced drinks, Thai food and gaudy merchandise.  This is a money spinning juggernaut. There’s a nice outdoor seating/smoking area for use during the interval.

The show itself is a colourful extravaganza with a backing track of cheesy pop and evergreen crowd pleasers like Tina Turners “Simply the Best”.  The costumes and dancing are well appointed but it’s a shame they need to mime the words.  The ladyboys themselves are splendid and perform a variety of hits with some funny audience interaction as the pull some embarrassed guys from the crowd for some predictable antics.  As you book tables this is ideal for an alternative girlie sing-along but perhaps those seeking a dose of Thai culture should look elsewhere. THREE STARS


David McMenemy

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