Camille O’Sullivan

30th July -24 Aug


Assembly Rooms





It’s Camille O’Sullivan’s 10th year as part of the Edinburgh Fringe and this maverick diva’s loyal fans were out in force to welcome her. And rightly so. She has a voice that cuts to the core and her eclectic mix of songs and burly stage presence create a musical journey that takes you from laughter to melancholic awe in the beat of a heart. Time dissolves and the hour and a half show felt like minutes as she reinvents a plethora of classic songs and sings with a heartfelt passion that ricochets around the theatre. The audience sits spell bound as she slips from Bowie to Cohen, Dilly Keane to Nick Cave, her delivery reminding you of the poetry of song and the narrative power of music, all the while breaking the somber mood with her fiery character.



Her present persona of drag king contrasts starkly with her previous image of glamorous drunken diva, swings and ball gowns hang around the stage like ghosts of the character who is constantly reinventing herself as effortlessly as the songs she delivers with such unbridled emotion.

This woman is a living legend though and her shows will sell out without a doubt, and rightly so, she takes you back to the days of smouldering cabaret and reminds you of the emotive depth of music. A standing ovation from a wildly appreciated audience speaks volumes. FOUR STARS



Reviewer – Glenda Rome




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