The Lady Boys of Bangkok

The Lady Boys Of Bangkok

15-24 August

19.00 / 21.00





The Ladyboys have been a mainstay of our beloved Meadows in Edinburgh for as long as I can remember. This year, they are back on their Red Hot Kisses tour & have delivered another great, foot-stomping concert. I took my seat in this remarkable travelling construction of a venue, the inside was cavernous with a huge stage. It was very glitzy and glamorous.


In comparison to the choreography of some of the more ‘high-brow’ shows on offer in Edinburgh, the Ladyboys leave a little to be desired. However, thats now hat the audience come for – they come for the sheer razzmatazz  & entertaining array of cheesy classics.




The audience were lapping it all up and loving every moment – a cult following who return ever year. You, know, I think I’ve been converted too!





Reviewer : Simon Sumner

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