21-22 August

On my maiden visit to South Australia in 2000, I was working my clairvoyant and healing magic at the Spiegeltents first outing at The Adelaide Fringe. Shooglenifty and Tam White (God Bless his soul) were playing on the same bill together, with both bands heralding from Edinburgh. It was on that night that destiny called, & tt was while dancing to Shooglenifty’s brilliant Celtic groove that I met and had the first kiss with a Lady that I would share the next four years with.

So when I found out that Shooglnifty were to be the house band of Club Spiegel, the club night that follows “La Clique,” a further ripple of excitement moved through me. Memories of that life-changing experience were brought back…Spiegel is like a Tardis of memory and Divine never forgets.

Shooglenifty performed a magical set tonight, invoking the Celtic fires of dance within the audience with the well-crafted musicianship that has ensured their place on the world stage. The groove and chemistry that this band presents reaches deep into the soul and dance can be the only outcome.

Tonight this handsome band were joined on stage by the gifted and beautiful voice of Kaela Rowan, lamenting our hearts in unison with our dancing feet, and what a winning combination this proved to be.  A FIVE STAR performance.

Reviewer – Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

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