Rebecca Pilcher

The Pear Tree.
Edinburgh Free Fringe.
20th August

Rebecca Pilcher is one of Edinburgh’s hardest working Rock Stars, with her long blond hair and her eye’s of blue. She cuts a very striking presence with her guitar and when she plays that guitar,she plays it with a Rock n Roll intensity that instantly grabs your attention. Accompanied on percussion by Kyle Hamilton. Ms Pilcher’s songs are sung so soulfully. Most of her set were originals,with themes of unrequited love and heart ache,with lyrics that are well crafted.and drawn from romantic endings. The beautiful rock star then blessed us with a rendition of Pinball Wizard,From The Who’s album Tommy. This was the first time that I have heard the song sung by a lady and It Rocked.

Keep your eye’s peeled for one of Rebecca’s gigz,because with a talent as hot as this,she ain’t gonna be on the Free Fringe circuit for very long. FOUR STARS

Reviewer : Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

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