Thriller Live

 The Festival Theater. Edinburgh.

27th Oct – 1st Nov

£17 – £27.50

Don’t Blame It On The Sunshine!
Don’t Blame It On The Moonlight.
Don’t Blame It On The GOOD TIME!
Blame It On The Boogie.
I met Foxycat Nina at the Kebab Mahal for a pre-theater curry, Lamb Jalfrazi and a Chicken Khari, with garlic nan and rice. It was very nice. The Festival Theater is just around the corner. So we didn’t have far to walk after our spicy treat. I collected our tickets from the press ticket allocation chap and we were directed up to level three. Our seats were in the Dress Crircle with a brilliant view of the stage. Thriller spelled out in large red luminescence, a very impressive stage set.Tantalizing the audience for the delights that were to follow.
Thriller Live, Is an all singing, all dancing, live band performance. Reproducing the songs that made Michael the Legend that he was and is. Thirty six songs that started with Little Michael Jackson, The Jackson Five, Michael Jackson with Quincy Jones (Off The Wall and Thriller) The Bad and Dangerous Michael Jackson. (The dodgy Michael Jackson didn’t get a look in) All the songs were faithfully reproduced as the dancers replicated Michael’s moves and stage choreography the audience were whooping and twirling. The stage lighting was awesome, an LED light show that was as entertaining as the music and dance alone. My favorite bit was the rendition of Billie Jean. It was like Michael had come back from the grave. “If Only!” FOUR STARS
Reviewer : Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert
PS…. I once went to see a Bowie tribute with June Swanson. It was ok, if you have experienced the real thing, there can be no substitute. After the Gig, I turned round to June and asked her. “Do you think he’s a Bowie Fan?” We both cracked up laughing, Good Time! Divinexxx

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