King Eider and The John Langlan Band.

Studio 24
The Kelburn Garden Party is a yearly trip into and enchantment of Fairy Tale Castles and Bohemian Splendor. A three day Summer festival held in the grounds of Kelburn Castle and Country Park which overlooks the bonny bonny natural beauty that is The Clyde with a natural view of the Isles of Arran and Bute . The venue itself is worth exploring and is quite simply one of the most beautiful places Divine has had the pleasure to party.The venue itself is worth exploring and is quite simply one of the most beautiful places Divine has had the pleasure to party. Last night the Kelburn Massive, hosted by the very handsome Chris Astrojazz, brought the Garden Party To Edinburgh and with The John Langlan Band headlining tonight’s sonic treat. The night was already off to a winner. King Eider opened the nights live musical feast, with a set of well crafted folk songs performed with a Rock n Roll swagger that instantly brought home flavors of Mumford And Sons. Overflowing with beautiful harmonies and soul. Warming the audience up for the master, John Langlan.
I have had the pleasure of seeing John Langlan and his band of merry men perform their fusion of Folk played with a Rock N Roll intensity, many times over the years, the fusion and chemistry of the three brilliant musicians, JOHN LANGAN – Vocals, Guitar, Foot Percussion DAVE TUNSTALL – Double Bass, Backing Vocals, Percussion ALASTAIR CAPLIN – Fiddle, Backing Vocals, Percussion. They always drive their audiences wild and last night was no exception. Like the glowing embers of a fire waiting to erupt, the Audience primed by the brilliant King Eider, did just that as Mr Langlan took to the stage, sexy and confident this band took control and the Gypsy Folk Punk exploded and the Audience went mental. It was Ace. Acoustic music never sounded so good.

The Dj’s of the night, Samedia Shebeen, Tex Book Tam and Surfin’ Bear. Held the groove through out playing a Soul and Rhythm and Blues selection of floor fillers. The Kelburn Massive brought the party to Edinburgh and it rocked!


Reviewer : Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

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