Magic of Motown

Edinburgh Playhouse


Having visited the Hitsville recording studio in Detroit this summer, I was excited to learn that this show was coming to Edinburgh.  Motown (a shortened version of ‘motor town’ which Detroit certainly was) made a massive contribution to modern music. The magic began in a garage of a house in one of Detroit’s many suburbs, producing more than 110 no 1 hits and launching the careers of numerous Motown greats.  Not only famous for their music but also their glamorous costumes and tight dance routines, they were rigorously groomed by Berry Gordy, Motown’s founder and his team.

Although this show does not tell the story of Motown, the singers and band captured the essence of Motown brilliantly, as the greats were re-created both with fabulous voices, 16 glittering costume changes and slick dance routines.  With appearances from Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross and the Supremes, the Four Tops, Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight, The Temptations, Marvin Gaye,  Lionel Richie, and the Jackson 5 with a young Michael convincingly re-created by a woman!  The cast obviously enjoyed performing the golden oldies and the audience of all ages were dancing, clapping and having a ball.  The lead singer, Floridian Andre Lejaune, engaged with the audience creating a party atmosphere that was over all too quickly.  The programme did not name the rest of the cast who I would like to have given individual credit to.

They will be returning next year as ‘reach out’, same show but different name.  If you are a fan of Motown, you will love this show.  FOUR STARS


Reviewers : Sophie Younger & Kenneth Curran

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