Bootleg Beatles  –

 Concert Hall, Glasgow
 9 December 2014
The twenty fifth Annual Bootleg Beatles Tour is Vibrant, colourful & throughly entertaining class act of a show.  The Bootleg Beatles is the closest thing to the real Beatles as I remember them.  In fact they have had a longer career than the Beatles did. Not only do they look like the Beatles they sound like them. Although the last orginal Bootleg Beatle has now left, the new generation of the band is doing a grand job. The show has a really great good feel factor, transporting you back in time with those ever-familiar melodies, especially to those of a certain age.
The show is a five part performance taking you through the difference stages of their music. An audience of all ages, from 9 to 90, sang, danced, laughed and gasped as events and adverts of that era unfold before them, and for some bringing back fond memories of yesteryears.  Musicallty, the lads’ harmonies are pitch-perfect and their musicianship pretty good.  The banter between band and audience is also highly entertaining.
The band supported fantastically by a string quintet and brass section, allowing them to perform much of the later material with a true realism. It was all quite delightful, and the closest you’ll get to feeling that you have seen one of the greatest band on earth perform live. I Thoroughly enjoyed the night and would definitely recommend, for as the Bootleg Beatles Programme says, “The songs you’ll hear tonight will really live forever.” FIVE STARS
Reviewer : Irene Mcgrane
Irene McGrane

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