I ran up to Caberet Voltaire thinking “YES MAN!” – the last time I was in  there it was for Penguins Kill Polar Bears.  They are a great band and I like the venue. Unfortunately, I missed the first band of the night, but catch the next band half way through a bluesy sounding number. It’s EXIT THE THEATRE, their fans are gathered around them in a denSe semi-circle, its pretty sweet.  I hear the voice at a distance and think Simon Fowler from Ocean Colour Scene, I have to do a double take when I look at the fellow and think…that guy looks about 12 he certainly doesn’t sound like it.  I’m thinking its just my elderly goggles on. The music feels the influence of the early noughties, like the Automatic, pretty experimental stuff, but the guitars are tight & I’m guessing these lads just aint found their own sound yet.  They mess up a bit before the last track but they just laugh their way through it.  It starts with some interesting and I’m pretty dam sure pretty difficult off beat drumming.  Next thing I know their crowd are sitting all around me playing that chuck the fat kids hat around game, I ask “ I dont mean to seem ageist or anything but how old are you guys?”  “ Oh we are 17!”  So there we have it I was wrong but not far wrong!  I am officially decrepid!

Next up are LOGAN’S CLOSE who start with a Ray Charles number.  First impressions…way more theatrical, way more diverse.  A bit like what would have happened if Jim Morrisson and Paul MacCartney had stepped into the same time machine when they  were 18 and arrived in the 90’s. These guys are sweet and snappy dressers.  They descibe their next track, Collette, as a song about an imaginary giirlfriend.  “We dont even know what she looks like but we don’t care because we are not shallow. “  It’s not far from being in 1955 at the Under the Sea dance from then on in apart from it Adam Ant instead of Marty Mcfly.  They also describe a fan or perhaps girlfriend in front of the stage a goddess in human form.  There’s genuine sincerity there which you don’t often see.  Some young lads dodge in…im guessing about 16/17, but these boys are also snazzy dressers and do a kind of shuffle dance in their sin tight jeans, quiffs and leather jackets. Thank fully somebody sprayed some impulse at this point returning me back to 2015.


Next up are THE RUSE who surprisingly for a headline band have a much more awkward presence on stage but the sound is rocky stadium sound that fills a wee space like this no bother.  Once again the music is experimental,I keep hearing all kinds of influences.  Our lead man is not shy he tellls everyone to get right up the front which they obligingly do.   Like the other band Ive seen there no strict genre I can pin down.  It says 60’s psychedelic rock on the tin but I’m hearing more influences than that…plus you gotta wear a bit of tie die for that.  Of course this is probably being an out of touch granny again…totally out of my depth.  What I particularly liked was Cold Morning Sun.  It sounded like the music from twin peaks, not the theme, the Dale Cooper just walked into the room score….therefore it sounded strange. It had a bui;ld up though and then the big sound and spaced out rockin guitar solos.  I didnt keep on top of the track names but there was one or two that had a bit of poetry like a weigie version of the streets or weigie Alan Ginsberg.

And then I went home for a cup of horlicks!

Reviewer : Sarah Marshall

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