Australian Pink Floyd

Usher Hall (Edinburgh)

February 19th

The Australian Pink Floyd for me was always going to be a tribute band… How wrong was I!!!!!! With a set list to have the most avid Floyd fan tingling with excitement, from the first chord of Astronomy Domine you just knew this wasn’t just a tribute band!! This was as good as the real thing. With a laser and light show that simply took the breath away, to a note-perfect performance the original band would have been proud of, this was musical theater at the very top end of the scale!

This show had it all. Adding their own Ossy twist to the visuals on the giant circular screen behind them, which I couldn’t keep my eyes off by the way, they dropped in a bit of Waltzing Matilda. I cannot wait to get a chance to take it all in again, & If you haven’t yet experienced the Ossy Floyd then make sure you do.   FIVE STARS


Reviewer : James Wallace

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