Renaud Capucon : The Scottish Chamber Orchestra: Beethoven And The Violin Concertos In D op61.

The Usher Hall
Thursday 5th March
Renaud Capuçon
Renaud Capuçon

I arrived at the Usher Hall with trusty companion of the Evening. Minky. We were the first in and had the time to take in and meditate on the timeless space that is The Usher Hall. My last experience of mind blowing orchestral beauty was The Royal Concertbau Orchestra at last years Edinburgh Festival. As we sat meditating I could see the spirit that would be guiding tonights performance. Tonights audience were in the whole, Senior Citizens, Beethoven certainly attracts a mature audience. The Orchestra gathered on stage randomly tuning their instruments. Then the lights went down and our conductor of the evening, Robin Ticciati, elegantly bound on stage with his baton firmly in hand. Closely followed by the very amazing Renaud Capucon. The inhouse excitement was tangeable and then the performance began.
Renaud stood next to Robin as he conducted his orchestra, in a state of trance, dressed in a very tasteful black suit, he looked strong and unique. I was transfixed as I could see and feel the energy he was channeling. The music it self invoked a seductive wash of Grace reminiscent of the flavors of Spring. It was when Renaud placed the violin next to his chin, every eye in the house was on him, all the audience and the orchestra waiting for this demonstration of mastery.that had us all transfixed and thoroughly entertained, The crescendo of the performance brought images of waltzes from a bygone age and for the first time at a classical music concert, I had the urge to get up and dance. Alas, I restrained myself.
After the interval Robin and his Chamber Orchestra returned to the stage to perform Franz Peter Schuberts Symphony No9 in C, D944 ‘Great C Major. As you would imagine the three Suites that complete this symphony are awash with graceful waltzes. Dance and love making where definitely in Schuberts mind when he composed this piece. It takes one through the stages, attraction, romance and with more than one explosive crescendo. Its a very satisfying journey indeed. It was the expanded horn section that added an increased depth. Its contemporary comparison would be Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin. Aye it was musical heaven. I Loved it! FIVE STARS
Reviewer : Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

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