We’ll Meet Again

Eden Court


30th March




A nostalgic and patriotic walk down memory lane, through classic songs from a lost era; such as ‘Vera Lynn’s – ‘We’ll meet again’ (sung beautifully by Lucia Mattise) and George Formby’s ‘Leaning on a lamppost’. Targeted to the older generation, the interim between songs is filled with nonsensical quips, limericks and joviality, lighthearted fun… albeit at points somewhat predictable.



Andy Eastwood was the most notable performer of the show with his combined multi-instrumental and vocal renditions. There was audience appreciation and participation, but the show played out rather like a dated Variety Act. I also found the set rather lacking atmosphere, with nothing reminiscent of 1940’s wartime Britain, only a draped Union Jack backdrop to set the scene. Saying that, if you like your fare traditional, We’ll meet again is a highly enjoyable afternoon show to take an older relative to.


Reviewer : Andrew McNally

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