Dominic Kirwan and Mary Duff – Together in Concert

Eden Court Theatre, Inverness



Dominic and Mary, right from the first beat had the audience engaged, the clapping had began, and the toes were a tapping! Dominic looking dapper in his suit and Mary in a sparkly number, both floating across the stage with confidence and ease. Dominic stated that although he had gigged in Eden Court many times over the last 25 years, as had Mary, It was their first time together in Inverness. (Mary normally pairing up with Daniel O’Donnell.)

Singing a few tracks from his new album entitled “25 years to be continued”, welcomed warmly by the crowd was his track “Crazy” which was a slower paced song, that I could envisage being used in a movie or musical. Every performance from Dominic was extremely slick, a bit too much microphone throwing for my person liking, however the mostly older crowd appearing to appreciate his swagger, with cheers and whistling a plenty!

Mary in turn then had her chance to shine, A fabulous Irish country and folk singer, wooing the audience with “Beautiful County of Mine” reminding her of back home in Meath, Ireland. Mary was then reminiscing about her previous stays in Inverness, funny tales involving alcohol. She also sang a version of her idol Patsy Cline, which was truly wonderful. Mary interacting gracefully with the audience, encouraging neighbours to link arms and sway along, which everyone seemed more than happy to oblige.

Both very talented musicians, already at the top of their entertainment ladder, they certainly provided a night of top-notch Irish entertainment. A special mention simply must go out to the gifted 5 piece band, especially the violinist with excellent trills, who also expertly played the banjo, guitar and percussion. A very impressive merchandise stall, saw folk battling to grab that perfect souvenir of their night, I think Dominic and Mary still have lots of success ahead of them, and will continue to sell out theatres for a long time to come.

Reviewer : Anna Macleod

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