The Dire Straits Experience

Eden Court, Inverness

Saturday 25th

Copyright The Dire Straits Experience

Has it really been 30 years since Brothers In Arms and 20 years since the members of  Dire Straits went their separate ways? In 2011 former members Alan Clark, Chris White and Phil Palmer formed The Straits for a charity gig at The Albert Hall and had the insurmountable job of finding a front man to fill the shoes of Mark Knopfler. Against all odds they found Terence Reis who has again teamed up with Chris White for The Dire Straits Experience together with a band of renowned musicians comprising on the night of Michael Feat, Richard Cottle, James Powell, Tim Water and Danny Schogger.

The concert began with a great warm up set by Marcus Bonfanti (British Blues Award winner for Best Song writing 2012 and Acoustic Playing 2013 & 2014) who had a fantastic blues voice and some excellent guitar playing, especially on his last song “Cheap Whiskey”. After a short break a sold out Empire theatre sat in anticipation as Chris White played the opening notes to Telegraph Road on his flute and for the next hour and a half we truly did have an exceptional experience.

The Dire Straits Experience 1

Exceptional as Terence Reis manages to pull off authentic interpretations of Mark Knopflers songs through pure skill, talent and passion and still managed to bring his own originality to the performance….Yeah the boy can play! Chris White gave some awe inspiring solo’s on both sax and flute and there was tremendous keyboard playing from Richard Cottle. There were many spine tingling moments most notably during Private Investigations, Romeo and Juliet and Brothers in Arms. Like myself I think many of the audience members where itching to get up out their seats and many of us did for their final song Sultans of Swing. It was a true testament that the whole of the Empire Theatre then gave them a standing ovation and remained standing for their encore, Money for Nothing!

I really do believe music is the soundtrack to our lives, thanks to my mum, Dire Straits was a big part of mine growing up, I have been a fan ever since. I didn’t ever expect to get to hear these songs live and this concert exceeded all my expectations.

Reviewer : Zoe Gwynne

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