Eden Court – Inverness
Sat 25th April 2015
Blueflint_InstrumentsHR-e1366283749607 (1)
Blueflint are an Edinburgh five piece band with style, lead by the very talented ladies Clare Neilson and Deborah Arnott. The pair begin both playing banjos, backed by drums, double-bass and fiddle…..we begin with ‘Light In The Window’ from their second album. This folk band have a real Scottish feel to them , brimming with beautiful lyrics and harmonies.
home-image (1)
Really enjoyed the upbeat tracks from the new album ‘Stories From Home’ but was left feeling less than enthused after a few of the slower tracks. These two ladies obviously have a very strong friendship which is lovely to feel part of. They reminisce together on stage of first learning banjo and various nights of fun. Ober talented these two switch from Banjos to ukulele, to keyboard, to electric guitar with each tune. ‘ What if I Dont Want To?’ got me dancing in my seat along with ‘Seasons Are Changing’.
If Scottish /Indie/Folk is your style put Blueflint on your download list, better still go see them! there are big things expected for this five.
Reviewer : Stephanie McDaid

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