The Fureys

Eden Court, Inverness
15th May
The well-known Irish folk band from Dublin packed out Eden Court on Friday night. With two of  the original Furey brothers, Eddie and George, accompanied by 3 other musicians they certainly had the audience clapping. We were toe-tapping, singing and joining in their humorous, lively and thoroughly entertaining concert. From accordion, penny whistle, bodrum, guitars, banjos to the electric cello, the mixture of sounds was atmospheric and engaging
They played a diverse collection of songs, written by great writers and performers they met over the years, from their new CD ‘The Times They Are A Changing’ as well as several well-known ones. ‘When You Were Sweet Sixteen’, ‘The Green Fields of France’ and the ‘Leaving of Liverpool’. The brothers` jokes and stories only added to the intimate and enjoyable experience. Songs like’ I Miss The Old Man’ and ‘This One Is For You’, dedicated to their late Mum and brother, Paul, were heartfelt sang and couldn`t fail to touch the hearts of  the audience. Singing Go Lassie Go with everyone joining in ended the concert, making us feel that we had been part of a lively sing-along with friends from Ireland. A good night out had by all.
Reviewer : Stephanie McDaid

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