A Rap Guide to Climate Chaos

Gilded Balloon
August 10th to 17th, 19th to 31st,
£10 (£8)
rap guide
 I have to confess I have, in the past, been something of a climate change skeptic. Second only in the annals of evil to a holocaust denier. After much scientific persuasion from more enlightened friends and particularly after a recent trip to Uganda I have thankfully had somewhat of a change of heart. I was hoping that not only would this show strengthen my resolve but give me some much needed scientific knowledge of the subject and hopefully offer me some ways I could help improve the situation personally. While this show did a little of both it didn’t offer me anything particularly new, although I must confess Baba Brinkman (the rapper in question) did have a “Wicked flow”. However it was hard to discern at times whether Baba was a genuine crusader in this field or whether he was simply etching a new field of educational hip hop to help further his personal career. Likewise it was hard to discern whether the largely middle aged, middle class audience were genuine revolutionaries or thought all they had to do to combat climate chaos was to see a show on climate chaos.
This may seem a little harsh but I couldn’t help thinking throughout the show that if Baba had concentrated less on making his rhymes and content so intelligent and dense and a little more on making it accessible it may have had a more positive effect. My suspicions of his possible cynicism were further fueled by the fact that he had done Rap Guides to all manner of subjects from Religion to Business. Still, a guys gotta make a living right? And he did confess to being as much of a contributor to carbon emissions as anyone in the audience. So I guess he may be a hypocrite but at least he’s an honest one. Still, so much for solutions. However one cannot argue with the worthiness of the cause and the originality of taking on such topics in this particular medium. And maybe if I would have took the time to chat to the chap I may have found him more sincere than I first suspected. I was initially wrong about Climate Chaos so maybe I was initially wrong about Baba Brinkman. The truth, as they say, is out there… THREE STARS
Review by Steven Vickers

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