Alchemy of the Piano by Will Pickvance

Summerhall – Anatomy Lecture Theatre

11 Aug – 30 Aug (except Mondays)


£8 – £12


“My piano ain’t got no wrong notes” (Thelonious Monk) – that it doesn’t Will Pickvance, that it most certainly does not. This man can play the piano so well you may want to marry him. His performance set in the beautiful Anatomy Lecture Theatre is the most musically delicious lecture you could dream of having.

Will takes us through his early days of learning the piano, his recent lessons(!) and his experiences as a resident pianist entertaining celebrities. Each piece matches his stories and unforced humour perfectly. The audience are enchanted – Will’s funny, relaxed and charming manner creating an easy going atmosphere. He oozes a passion and understanding for music and the piano which makes his sense of 12 notes seem so simple. For musician’s it’s frustrating but addictive at the same time. A musician or not you will be bowled over by his brilliance and leave with a fresh musical perspective, enlightened and smiling.



From chopsticks to jazz, soothing melodies to contemporary rock classics, there is something for everyone.

“The dots on a page are administrative jargon and you find your own way to set them free” he declares. Well get one thing straight – you need to see Will Pickvance set free. He is so comfortable and at one with the piano that it is an extension of him.

A genius craft made into a wonderfully entertaining show. Will doesn’t have a cunning plan just an hour of blissful distraction. An absolute joy! FIVE STARS



Reviewer : Louise Mason

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