Sweet dreams: Songs by Annie Lennox

Assembly George Square Gardens. Venue 3

Aug 8-9, 12-15, 17, 19-20, 24-27-31

18:00 (1h)

£ 10


Michael Griffith glided on stage as Annie and connected to his synthesiser launching straight in with a song. His voice was an affront of perfect tone and pitch and his acting was intensely engaging. Mucking about with Lennox’s backlog  and fluidly dipping in between his work and hers is projected well to the audience. It is cleverly structured.

He now became a diva before my eyes. His quick reactions were as swift as darts. He commanded the audience with his facial expressions drawing them in. Sexual innuendo was present but not prevalent. His looks and mannerisms portray a very confident person singing about his idol. Merging music and dialogue eclectically the dance off between the two was awesome. I looked around the audience and could see responses of both emotions : howling laughter and amused sympathy.

Capacity for this venue is 180.The stage can’t be more than 30 foot across.A stark set for a one man show – no need to glamorise this act with feather plumes and sequins that cabaret is renowned for. His office garb works a treat. A great hour well worth the ticket price. This guy was good. FOUR STARS



Reviewer:  Daniel Donnelly 

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