BE United

Just Festival @ Central hall Edinburgh


BE United is an art project that bridges the artistic diversity of culture. Founded and run by the very wonderful Emma Presland. Tonights showcase featured The Indigenous African bands. Tam Tam 2000, Mellow Chants and an acapella troupe called. “Simply Soweto Encha”. Divine has been involved with BE United for some time and has performed at the same gigs as Tam Tam 2000. I loaned my percussion skills to Mellow Chants at Audio Soup earlier this year. So I knew this entertainment was going to be nothing less than brilliant. The first slice of entertainment, Tam Tam 2000 immediately had us up on our feet skanking to the tribal rhythm’s expertly delivered by the first of tonight’s masterful artists.
Mellow Chants followed with a new expanded band, featuring Keyboards and Drum Kit. The venue certainly brought the voices of Einstein Hakutambwi and Zelio into their own and Mellow Chants delivered to a star studded audience of local celebrities. The audience were hanging on every word, with bodies grooving to this perfect example of a good time.
For the next act on this bill of exotic delights, hot and sweaty. We took to our seats for a troupe of African a cappela singers called, Simply Soweto Encha. Handsome, talented and very sexy. The perfect harmony of soul and dance that had us all enthralled and suitably entertained. The Climax of this 90 minute showcase was an orchestra of all the artists that had performed. Conducted and arranged by Einstien Hakutambwi. This was a fantastic end to a thoroughly entertaining evening of world class entertainment. Simply Soweto are performing everyday till the 29th Aug with a final performance on the 31st. At Central Hall (Divines Review Coming Soon!)
Reviewer : Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

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