Jack Lukeman : Late Night Phantasmagoria

Aug 24-29, 31
£15.00 (£8.00)


The flamboyant singer and ( comedian) Jack Lukeman has very kindly brought his extravagant show to the Edinburgh Fringe.  Playing at the famous and beautiful Spiegeltent situated in St. Andrews Square, the party began when Jack appeared from the back of the audience singing the  blues and wearing a top hat with feather in toe. With a four piece band consisting of keyboards, double bass, drums and guitar  acutely complementing Jack’s charismatic voice, he announced himself as the king of blues. As he progressed, you could feel… note-by-note… his playful sense of humour seep through in the first few songs. By the time we got to the song The Port of Amsterdam, the audience were encouraged to get to their feet, which everyone did, quickly surrounding the outward jutting stage… Jack could easily take this show to Las Vegas and compete with the best.

As Jack sings these wonderfully quirky songs, his band delivers a cacophony of electrifying tunes, which all adds up to be a well-crafted show. Its always good to see something different and Luke’s show was designed to do exactly that… I mentioned comedy dwelt within Jack’s act, but the guy is also a classic musician, producer and songwriter in his own right, as was made richly evident by his song Rooftop Lullaby

jack1Delivering some solo songs he paraded around the audience serenading with the greatest of ease. Jack’s show was absolutely perfect for the Spiegeltent luxurious surroundings, where the Jack’s costume & the chill-inducing tingling blues music this made this a night to remember.  Jack is a true Irish gem and will no doubt be around for a long time to come. FOUR STARS



Reviewer : Spud

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