Martina Cannon And The Mean Reds

The Pear Tree
The Mean Reds are a band that have shared the bill with Divine on numerous occasions over the years. We performed at the beginning of the year together at Granny Radge’s Hogmany Bash. I also filled in percussion duties last Wednesday afternoon at a gig in the Cowshed. It was between Mumble review missions. Prior to the gig it was Australian Lesbian Porn, Post Gig it was an Edinburgh International Festival. Lecture and presentation about a Glaswegian Hooligan that nearly got famous. So the filling in between was the dish of the day. Having seen them play so often. It was nice to accompany the band. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Martina Cannon, is a local unsung musical hero. She has worked tirelessly for the arts in Edinburgh. Hosting successful open mike nights in the city. She also has a distinctive and beautiful voice and is lead singer of The Mean Reds her voice is reminiscent of Amy Winehouse and she is just as beautiful.She also plays a mean guitar.
11026150_10200737787963676_642698012984505715_oSo today I arrived at the Pear Tree in Good Time, I arrived while a cute pixie, sounding and looking very much like Marc Bolan was playing and singing his heart out. He was very good. I didnae catch his name,
My reason for attendance at The pear Tree hadnae arrived yet. Marc Bolan Pixie Man, finished his set as the band started arriving. Dougie Mathieson, the Bass Player with his good lady and press photographer of the afternoon. Closely followed by Cleetus Hicks a very talented classical guitar player and Blackwolf Blues taking percussion duties today.
11017494_10200737787763671_2841738978152054572_oMartina is the kind of star that arrives bang on time, we were all getting excited for her arrival. The band started setting up for sound check and Martina entered the courtyard with such style, her beauty glowing with guitar in hand. A ripple of excitement rippled through the audience as Martina took to the stage.
The band performed with great chemistry, a selection of classic covers. A Eurthymics Vs The White Stripes mash up Sweet Dreams (are Made Of This) and 7 Nation Army being one of my favorite’s It was the tune that got me up dancing and once I started I couldnae stop. Dolly Parton’s Joleyne. Was interpreted in such a way, that for the first time i truly understood its meaning.Wonderful stuff. All of The Mean Reds set was dance orientated. I danced like no one was watching, bopping away to some good old fashioned Rock N Roll. It was when Martina sang her original numbers that her voice revealed its true beauty.
It was a brilliant Performance. FIVE STARS
Reviewer : Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

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