Eric Taylor

Eden Court Theatre – Inverness



Opening the show for Eric Taylor: Stuart Warburton. As well as being Taylor’s tour manager Warburton admits his love of playing on the stage when ever the opportunity arrives. With a few little stories of his own to tell Warburton gave a warm and friendly opening to the evening. A noteable track to watch was…”Three Chords And The Truth”

After a short interval Eric Taylor arrives on stage , a big Texan man takes centre stage. No introductions neeeded Taylor starts with his first piece inspired by time spent living on indian reserves with his friend across america. ‘we gave them our money they gave us their wives’. Throughout the performance Taylor would switch from telling stories to playing guitar/ singing without pause. So most songs where not introduced by name.

As we here stories of his incredible life Taylor affectionately talks of his grandma- Mee Maw, detailing how she dressed and the colour of her hair with such love. She would welcome him and his wayward friends over to her house. Then later when she was dying he would play to her in her bed……requesting a song about his ex con friend….taylor sang ‘give him half a hundred, hel come back with a ton’.

The audience are treated to tales of being sued by Rolling Stones magazine and having to move to the middle of no where then acquiring a horse jack, who never much liked him. He introduced this song as ‘Texas Texas’. Written after his friend had come to stay in a similar predicament and unfortunately a big storm hit and he lost the horses. Taylor also talks of his love for strong woman who never seemed to stick around and his ex-partner walking out after 7 years in the blink of an eye.

Overall he is an interesting and intriguing man he not only sang and played but also spoke in verse. Strange pauses in his speech and a unique story telling manner teamed with husky vocals and stylized guitar playing gave Taylor a different edge. Certainly a unique experience and an enjoyable night but sadly with a slight lack of energy in the room.

Reviewer : Stephanie McDaid

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