Dirty Harry

The Liquid Rooms
6th November
DH Poster LR 06112015
As You all know, Divine has had a long love affair with Debs. I have only ever seen Blondie play live once – at was in Adelaide at the Theaberton Theater back in 2004. It held the defining Debs moment, She came on stage wearing a Koo Koo fright wig it was crudely fitted and came loose mid song. So she ripped the fright wig off and let her blond locks flow, as if she had stepped into the flow of an a big electric fan. As her blond locks came alive and she smiled the Debbie Harry smile. The Divine heart melted. Ohh yes that was one rock n roll moment that will be with me for ever more.
Another rock n roll moment that will be with me forever more was Audio Soup 2012. The opening band on the main stage that year were a Blondie tribute act called Dirty Harry. It was the perfect beginning to a brilliant festival. Dirty Harry did a memorable job of performing the Blondie classics with a passion that did Debs proud. The Beauty of Debs spirit graced that performance and this is the moment that Divine fell in love with the lead singer of Dirty Harry, Sarah Kennedy. Aye, it was her remarkable resemblance in voice and physical beauty that came close to the genuine article that started off a weekend of dance and good fun!
So, getting the opportunity to review Dirty Harry and the Polis at The Liquid Rooms was a Friday delight. My trusty companion of the evening Ms Heidi Pearson and myself arrived at the venue at around 7.30pm just in time to catch the first act of the evening The Polis, A tribute act performing the masterpieces of the Police. A four piece that replicated the songs remarkably well – however, this is where any similarity stopped. The lead singer did a very good job at sounding like Sting whilst in flight of song, And it was my companion of the evening Heidi that stated how tight the band were. Divine is inclined to agree. It was retro fun and The Police did help shape Divine’s musical palette. It was fun.
The main band of the evening, Dirty Harry, assembled in front of a Parallel Lines Backdrop replicating the stage set of Blondie’s tour back in 1979. The very sassy Sarah Kennedy took to the stage and her beauty took my breath away. Swoooooon!! Dirty Harry do this so so well and the band played a sterling set with the Rock N Roll gusto that first grabbed me at Audio Soup. Yes, it was clear that Dirty Harry were enjoying this gig as much as the audience, as they faithfully performed the Blondie hits cannon. Ms Kennedy does a brilliant Debs and her band are an equally brilliant rock n roll unit. The performance was a joy to behold and everyone had a very Good Time!
Reviewer : Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

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