Mungos Hi-Fi

Studio 24, Edinburgh

14th November

                                                                                                        mungos2 (1).png                                                          

As Saturday the 14th of November approaches , the social media sites go wild with a child like excitement !!!  Its only The Wee dub hosting Mungo’s Hi Fi at Studio 24. With the anticipation growing its like children at Christmas, just 4 more sleeps, then 3, then 2 , then 1 and bang its time. These nights are always talked about, before and after the event.  A shared experience from all allows that special vibe to generate its magic..  I expected another sell out, and I wasn’t wrong. Arrive early is my advice and I stick by that…  As 12pm grew closer the queues grow bigger and deeper……


As one enters the auditorium, you instantly feel that warm inviting vibe.  The sound of Mungo’s bringing us that warm up music just captivates you onto the dance floor and allows yourself to be teased into a night of wonderful embrace.  The speakers draw you in like a Fly to a Spiders web and don’t let you go.  The bass just pumps away like a distant drum echoing in the mountains, leaving you caught in a trap of heart pounding music…  Its sure to be another Wee Dub special…


As the crowd goes larger, so does the music.  Space is at a premium now and its not long until the stage is completely overrun with Dubbers and Skankers looking to exploit the free space. Mungos Hi Fi, who follow the traditional Jamaican sound system bring us a mixture of reggae , dub , dancehall with live MCs and Dj-ing they have it all covered.   From a number of years ago until now, the expansion of Mungos Hi Fi is historical and to be part of the nights they put on is a musical privilege.


The time is now at the midway part of the night and the dance is in full swing.  This is the music that bonds us, teaches us, helps us, opens us, and feeds us that love..  You can tell that the audience are in a tranquil place, at peace and attached to the movement we call the dance.  The Wee Dub always attracts a big hearted crowd that brings that soul to the party. The music is now  building up to the final encore and like a hot iron it makes the crowd sizzle … Let rip and dance your heart out is the impression I got..  Another successful night of fun and peace loving music… Well done the Wee Dub and Mungo”s for fine performance.

Music :4

Dancefloor : 5

Atmosphere : 4

Reviewed by Spud


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