The Modests

02 ABC2



Sound 4.png Atmosphere 2.png Performance 3


Honest, passionate and unpredictable’ are words that The Modests’ four band members – bassist/guitarist Fiachra O’Hara, frontman Jackson Harvey and cousins Daniel McGuigan and Liam Campbell – use to describe themselves. Influenced by The Pixies, Jeff Buckley, Eric Clapton and Ray Charles they have six years of gigging under their belt playing The Barrowlands, Voodoo Rooms, King Tuts, The Record Factory and O2ABC2. Their musical presentation is well-rehearsed and clean-cut, there is no doubt of these guys’ passion. Sometimes trippy, other times more rock n roll, the influence of the Doors shined through a tad too much leaving me wanting for a bit more originality to surface.

The acoustics were good and there is no denying The Modests’ musical abilities, but for me the atmosphere could’ve been more upbeat… especially since they have been the finalists of Hard Rock Rising ‘Battle of The Bands.’ It was alright. Not electric, not crowd-jumping or even dancing, more of a swaying and chatting with mates kinda night.


In their number

There are no rules

There are no boundaries

Just you and you alone

can never be your existence…

I don’t wanna die

I just wanna fly

Its gonna be alright

Its gonna be alright



Reviewer : Clare Crines


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