Wee Dub Hogmanay

Studio 24 
31st December

12227156_1070189333006021_2109319083362721636_n With New Year approaching the count down was on for the Wee Dub”s  take over off Studio 24.  This was certainly going to be a  New Year to remember. On normal weekends when the Wee Dub unleashes its musical magic, it’s always a privilege to attend but with two floors and 7 hours of heavenly music ahead, this is the one that will bring us into 2016 with a bang !!!   The Wee Dub was powered by Electrikal Sound System who are a regular of the Wee Dub and with the sound quality they produce the dance floor should be rocking or should I say, will be rocking. With dancing feet on the crowds grew, awaiting their turn to unleash their funky moves…  After the New Year bells,  the place began to fill up and the vibe was set…

539227_1096929823665305_3901019850405625099_n.jpgWith Roots, Bass, Culture and New Year party vibes and spirit, the Red Eye Hi Fi and Samedia Shebeen began to deliver their sets.  Entering Studio 24 at around 12.30AM the place was filling up nicely, a warm, happy, welcoming atmosphere was what you received . The togetherness that comes with reggae , dancehall and dub was clear to see.  It  brings everyone together under a veil of connective love, sharing a special piece of that magic !!!  As always get there early as this show tonight was certainly going to be a sell out.


12400489_1096931240331830_1423329653256514791_nWith such artists as Gold Dubs, El Fata, Chief Rockas and Escape Roots featuring Tom Spirals & Anya Asia the crowd were being spoiled and allowing themselves to be thrown into a whirlwind of dance the night took hold.  Upstairs were Chris Astrojazz with his tropical machine that is Samedia Shebeen. With his mix of Classic Tropical beats, Folk, Funk and World Music you were caught between two floors of different music which gave us that cocktail off Caribbean and Dancehall Dub. Riddim Tuffa Sound and Electrikal Sound continued to push the vibe to the limits.  Watching Finn Todd and Tom Spiral do their thing was a true pleasure. The collaboration between these two is infectious , powerful and hitting the mark they had the place rocking. A great gem in the making that has taken them from Edinburgh to all over Europe.

12400676_1096933180331636_5374646015043449972_n.jpgAs the evening got to the  latter stages the venue was sold out and jam packed with revelers skanking their way through the first day of 2016… No better way to start your New Year.  With the last hour downstairs thumping out continuous Jungle you could feel the building shaking under the pressure of the dance.  Space on the floor was limited but everyone found their wee spot so they could  appreciate the power of what was a Wee Dub and Samedia classic.  With MCs, DJs, fantastic sound quality and excellent people this was a night executed with precision . The running order was spot on and ran without a hitch .  Thanks  to the Gregory’s Wee Dub and Chris Astrojazz’s Samedia and not forgetting all the other crew that allowed us all to share in this special night..  Reggae , Dub, Jungle, Dancehall, Roots, Culture, Caribbean, Latin Jazz, and Tropical Beats, we had it all.  An unforgettable New Year !!!  Thanks for all who attended and making their presence felt through dance and music…

Reviewed by Spud

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