The Re-Act Refugee Fundraiser

Studio 24, Edinburgh

Friday 15th January 


It was a cold, cold day. The first snows of Winter had turned Edinburgh into Narnia and new love was flourishing its delicate optimism. I got the call to perform with Tinky Disco at a fundraiser for this very auspicious and worthwhile cause. The news that our first performance of the year was in 8 hours sure put a smile on my face. My beautiful Lady had just arrived too. The weekends entertainment was looking good

The Re Act Refugee fundraiser is an ongoing live project with the aim of making the lives of Men, Women and Children trapped in dire circumstances through no fault of there own, easier than would have been had innovation like this not have taken place. With a line up of entertaining delight that would ensure a Good Time on Cold January night.

First up the lyrical rapping magik of Drew Devine. weaving poignant words and social commentary over electronic beats. Drew warmed up the dancefloor perfectly and this celebrity packed audience hung on to every word.



Next up, Mark McGhee took the mike and delivered his poetic slant informed by our current hypocritical governing forces.again a poignant and relevant force of art making a difference and the voice a generation. Spontaneous and Punk as Fuck.

Mark was joined by Gordy Duncan, incidentally Gordy is one of Divines favorite drummers, its the way he hits them. But for tonight Mr Duncan played guitar. A multi instrumentalist, Gordy has just released his first solo album. Tides. Written produced and performed by this musical maverick and full time drummer with The Girobabies. Another Scottish celebrity in her own right Jo D’Arc came on stage to accompany on Bass and take us on an experimental musical journey. That was thrilling and very entertaining.

The Third of the night’s live acts, Tinky Disco. Fronted by (Mike) MC Mad of Groove Armada fame. Tinky Disco are six lads on a Good Time Mission. With band leader Double DD on Bass and shared vocal duties with Ali; Jon Harley on Drums and Divine on Djembe completing the rhythm section of this Rock n Roll unit, Al ‘Triple AAA’ Roberts on Lead Guitar, gelling the sonic template. Tinky Disco delivered a set of Rock n Roll greatness to an enthusiastic audience taking things to fever pitch.



To finish the night off in fine style. A Local Dj who has more than earned his reputation as one of Edinburgh’s finest DJ’s, spinning to packed dancefloors for over twenty years. Joint founder of the legendary club, Headspin and regular at the phenomenally successful Hullabaloo Club Night. Steve Austin took to the decks and everyone danced till they dropped. Divine would like to thank Louise Hare and the Staff of Studio 24 and the wonderful sound engineer for doing so much to help this noble cause.

And if one good turn deserves another.
And If Music Is the Food of Love.
Play On.

Fantastic Night.
Good time Divine.

Reviewer : Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert


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