Royal Glasgow Concert Hall

Sat 30th January


 Sound: 5 Atmosphere: 5 Performance: 4.png

Oh what a night! One that’s etched into my memory for many a month. Skipinnish and friends started with the Irish based Leo and Anto who kick started the night with a love song First Love Stays With You Forever followed by Can You Tell Me Who The Villains Are? They tell the audience to, ‘put your motherfuckin hands in the air. Say our name, Leo and Anto.

This tactical audience participation was borrowed from Snoop Dogg when they were on tour in the States and caught one of his gigs.Totally didn’t expect this and neither did anyone else so it was most amusing to see everyone obeying and chanting their name.

Now that Leo and Anto had woke us up to the unscripted shenanigans we were treated the dulcet tones of Rachel Walker who was nothing short of superb.

After a short break it’s the act we had all been waiting for and the pipes begin.

Fronted by the instantly recognisable voice of Robert Robertson with his easy Highland patter and keenness to get the audience participating, it didn’t take long before the audience were dancing in the aisles.This is toe stomping, feet thumping modern ceilidh and I defy you to keep your feet still…impossible!

Aishling Cuimhn’ was closely followed by Tir A’ Mhurain which was a poignant lament to the death of soldiers heading home that were tragically drowned in 1918 after the war. 205 men lost their lives and their bodies were found scattered on the beach with toys that they had brought for their children. Gone, but not forgotten.

A traditional medley followed , then December which was tremendous. The imagery of the Hebrides on screen really worked giving panoramic vistas of island life as we immersed ourselves in the traditional medley.

Another emotive son was Piper To the end, written by Mark Knopfler from Dire Straits as a tribute to his uncle who was a piper and casualty of the war.

This has been a day to die for

Now the day has almost gone

Up above a choir of seabirds

Turns to face the setting sun


Now the evening dawn is calling

And all the hills are burning red

And before the night comes falling

Clouds are lined with golden thread

By the end of their set Skipinnish had worked the audience to such pliable putty in their hands that the mere mention of the chaos at the gig they did the night before had all the audience standing and clapping and trying to be more riotous. A tremendous feel good night from a band that will have you hooked and wanting more of their West coast magic.

Reviewer : Clare Crines


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