They Might Be Giants




Jan 31st


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Its been ten years since New York’s quirkiest pop-rock-funk combo, They Might Be Giants, played in Glasgow. Such a cracking gig that was, that most folk who attended turned up in force to welcome them back to Weegieland. ‘Installing and servicing melody since 1982’ the Giants have been turning up ambrosial nuggets from under the rugs of their creativity, an outstanding ouvre that is rich pickings for an hour & three quarter’s worth of entertainment.


The core of TMBG are the two Jonnies, Flansburgh & Linnel, & they have been joined on a tour of the UK (Jan-Feb) & the US (Mar-Apr) by a full-on funky band. The whole sound really works rather well & shows that the Giants are not just off-piste songwriting genius, but also true musical maestros who can work & whip up an audience with ease.

35.pngClassics such as the eponymous fraggle-rock like chirpiness of ‘They Might Be Giants,’ Flood’s wonderful ‘Particle Man’ & the Alphabet of Nations courted our affections alongside more modern affairs. The Giants really are a joy to watch – these days they also do a children’s show, so more or less world domination is at their feet – but they’re to fuc£ing nice for that kind of thing. Instead, let us hopefully bask in the genius for a good while yet.

Reviewer : Damo Bullen


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