Audio Soup Equinox

 The Biscuit Factory


 19th March





Audio Soup is a creative melting pot that covers all aspects of musical and artistic Bohemia. A yearly festival held in July at the hight of Summer. In a beautiful location called Cranshaws. The Audio Soup team also hold a yearly event that covers all the finesse of this wonderful art explosion, to celebrate the birth of Spring, held every year on the Equinox.

Divine arrived early at The Biscuit Factory, the new location in an old (As the name would suggest) Biscuit factory. just as Logans Close were launching into a set of Mod styled melodies. these lads always look great and perform with as much elegance as their style would suggest, Divine has enjoyed this great band lots of times. Today they were accompanied by Adrian Girlingon Cajon. Indeed it was a wonderful welcome. The aroma of custard creams enriched Divines senses.

It was the first warm and sunny day of the year too. So everyone was in fine fetal. The early arriver’s were treated to an acoustic set by the Girobabies lead singer Mark McGhee and Gordy Duncan; Gordy swapped his drum kit for acoustic guitar and this handsome duo blessed Divine with his first dance of the day.

Just as i was thinking about Digestives and a nice cup of tea. One of the stars of the Galloway. Dirty Claptrap AKA Sal Cam, Took to the mike with Guitar in hand and serenaded us with her own penned songs of love and intrigue. Sally has such a lovely voice and her songs are performed with a professionalism that has been delighting audiences for years now. Divines a fan.

As Dusk was beginning to move in on us the mood of the Equinox Party shifted. As our attention was drawn to the Elektrikal Sound System and stage, where the audience were treated to another solo act. called Naledi. performing well known covers with a beautiful voice and Piano. Early evening melodies. That soothed and refreshed this good looking audience.

Divine took the opportunity to warm his Djembe up between performances in preparation for his own Gig with Tinky Disco later on that evening. The Elektrical sound System powered up and Some Chick Called Bob From the Bannana sessions took to the decks and the dance was on. Boogie Boogie Boogie. Feeling peckish Divine had a couple of Jammy Dodgers to keep energy levels up.

Taking time to enjoy the very wonderful art that was being created by The Too Much Fun Club. Divine was mesmerized at the creation evolving. In fact that is what the night was becoming an active art installation a true feast for the senses. The mood began shifting up a pitch and Divine was making new friends left right and center and reconnecting with Audio Soup Massive.

The Band members of Tinky Disco began arriving, Al Roberts first looking as cute as ever with Guitar slung over his shoulder. Soon followed by Damo  (Vocals and Bass) and his lovely Mrs.Jon Harley our fantastic Kit drummer. Kenny on Congos and our very amazing lead singer Mike D. we all positioned ourselves and the Magic Began. A Roy Jackson accompanied on tamborine. At this point reporting duties were switched over to Raymond Speedie (aka Spud)




 Had amazing night last night big up Louise Hare  and rest Audio Soup Family. Big performances all around Tom Spirals and Escape Roots, Zoom T and Jordan ‘Konchis’ Carey My Bad Sister, Delighted Peoples, Black Diamond Express, Tinky Disco to many to mention. Thank for all the people that took time to feed back about the set was overwhelmed with the response. Big thanks to Jon Fogarty for spinning my tunes

Rolain Bradbeer



Spud’s Half

 An ex – biscuit factory, music, live bands, mcs, beer and great people, it surely had to be Audio Soups Equinox in Edinburgh.  They couldn’t have found a better venue, old, industrial, historical and well situated. Let the Equinox begin.  Running from 3pm to 3am this was a 12 hour show for all the enjoy and dance their butts off…  Pottering around and waiting for Tinky Disco to do their thing, I couldn’t help but to be drawn in by the building and its hollow shell with steel pillars perturding out of the ceiling and floor.  Like a steel spider towering above you, you feel  the magic in this place..  With the crowd gathering around the front stage Tinky Disco delivered their first song.  With Al Roberts on guitar , Jon Harley on drums, Damo on bass and Mike ( the voice behind Groove Armada) on lead vocals, this band are tearing up Edinburgh with their funky disco sound.  Slick and sleazy guitar riffs , deep dirty bass, fast licking drum beats and smooth seductive vocals soon had the audience dancing around like there was no tomorrow . With Kenny and Divine adding a touch of percussion they took us a short journey through the Tinky Disco Machine…   A well crafted, well rehearsed and well delivered set from a music loving group of lads based in Edinburgh.

Next up was Black Diamond Express which was sure to be a thriller..   This 8 piece Edinburgh based band take you on a intriguingly up beat, sensual groove with their Celtic sound taken from the traditions of Scottish Music. With that they have thrown in a fusion of rock, blues, funk, and a touch of the American west which at times made me feel like I was not even in Edinburgh.  The crowd were loving it,  the vibe was overwhelming, people were just bouncing around like they were on a bouncy castle, barriers coming apart and happy faces all around.  With guitars, violin, drums, bass, keyboards and bongo drums they have fused it well and given us a unique sound that is sure to take them to another level.


I must mention the effort put into the décor of  The Biscuit Factory. With soft warm colours and soothing lighting the place was made to feel very welcoming.  The security were spot on. Friendly, polite and helpful and always smiling. Well done to you all for making  it a comfortable place with an excellent vibe.  Unfortunately , I did hear a lot mumbling about the waiting time at the bar, with people waiting up to 20 minutes for service, therefore missing out on the acts and bands on show.  With a limited choice of drinks and beer, it was not long before most of it ran out, maybe a under estimate on how much Soupers drink when there is so much good music on.  Overall, the staff and security did brilliant.

The lateral stage of the Equinox was upon us. With Mc Soom T at the helm and Tom Spirals and Finn Todd doing the honours the building started to move, I am sure it was moving to the sweet captivating sound of Mc Soom T vocals.  Edinburgh based Soom T is a well known and well respected Mc.   With her true to life and hard hitting lyrics, she delivered with precise execution on all fronts.  All the crowd were loving this, moving like they had never moved before.  A wee package that delivers a big bang is what Mc Soom T gives us.  After a well deserved break , I returned to find My Bad Sister taking over the stage.  With their Scottish tartan jump suits and blond hair this was going to be a double barrelled show …  The high octane drum and bass that was unleashed was mind blowing.  These twin sisters Polly and Sophie, whom you may recall from the auditions on X Factor in 2015 and have been dancers on Rita Ora”s video “I Will Never Let You Down”  were here to deliverer us a set of  fast moving, hearted pounding beats.  Rapping and dancing  you could see that they had worked  hard to deliver a well choreographed show. From London to Edinburgh they really brought a different side to the Audio Soup Equinox . Hope to see them in the festival circuit this year in Scotland.


A taster of what is to come from Audio Soup Festival and if this is anything to go by, then we are going to have a great summer. Well done to all connected with Audio Soup for putting together a memorable evening of excellent bands and music. Looking forward to seeing all again in July …..


Had a great night at Audio Soup Equinox last night but while in Edinburgh a strange thing happened. I was at the shop when I heard a man shouting at me . I turned around and the man shouts `here you dropped a £20 note` . I checked my pockets and he was right .I had dropped a £20 note. I was blown away by the kindness of this guy to be so genuine. As I got closer, I recognized the man. It were Iain Duncan Smith.
I said `Thank you you
have reaffirmed my faith in humanity`
He just smiled, winked and said `I am IDS . It`s no bother to the likes of me. I really am a very nice man `

Mark McGhee





Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert & Spud

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