Divine Gets Yellow Fever


Yellow Movement Fever Part 1
Colonel Mustard And the Dijon Five/Supa da And The Kryptonites/Dj Divine. The East Kilkbride Arts Center. Friday 15th April 2016.
13055091_10153965759151014_2225556702663911748_oYellow Fever.
Laugh Until You No Longer Know What It Is To Hate.
Release your soul.
Determine Your Own Fate.
Lose Your Self Consciousness.
Find Anonymous Awesomeness.
In bottomless Thoughtfulness.
Lose Your Inhibitions.
Forget the distractions.
Take Direct Non Violent Action.
Be Your Own Improvement.
Use Your Illusion.
You are Never Alone.
Anyone Can Happen.
Be the Best That You Can Be…
This Is the Blue Print
One man’s mission to create art from a vision received in a Shamanic trance, during a ceremony in South America. Divine furthered his insider knowledge of the creative art force that is Colonel Mustard And The Dijon 5 this weekend. David Blair was my host. The Visionary and Mastermind behind this force for good.The conductor with a master plan. To beam creative positivity with a unique and brilliant orchestra of some the finest musicians in Glasgow.
Divine headed to Croy on the train, with a processing heart of character building proportions, with tunes selected for his debut, Djing for star attractions of rock n roll delight. Colonel Mustard And The Dijon 5 and Supa Da And the Kryptonites.
The East Kilbride Arts Center is a lovely performance venue, with art house sound system, sound engineers and a performance space with a proper dancefloor. DJ Divine was situated in the cafe with tunes that I played piped into the performance space. Warming up for Supa Da And the Kryptonites, the first act of the evening. A band that Divine has had the pleasure of witnessing from Humble Beginnings at the Audio Soup Equinox Party a couple of years ago.
In the time since I first experienced them, this brilliant band have come a long way. Honing their fusion of Jazz Funk and Lyrical genius of Jay Supa. Supporting vocals from Sarah Knowles. This band have evolved their sound to a dazzling and very entertaining level of professionalism, even to the untrained ear and inhibited of dancers. The sonic brilliance cannae fail to move one. Indeed this was Divines first dance in a while and with a dancefloor perfect for the Divine moves. The funk had me. With an amazing horn section Matt Edwards-Trumpet. Lewis Bennet-Sax, Jon Ginty- Alto Sax. , expert guitar by Murray Boyd and bass played by Conal Mackintosh. On Drums Aaron Coppinger. It sure turned the blues into a golden yellow. the audience lapped it up. Quality performance.
Then DJ Divine was back on the decks, for an hour of dance grooves, warming for the main draw of the evening. This 15 piece Orchestra that comprised of:
Colonel John Thomas McMustard (frontman),
The Dijancer,
Countess Frangipan
(East Kilbride native Becky Robb [backing vocals] with her Mum and Dad watching proudly in the mezzanine level),
Full Fathom Five (backing vocals),
DJ5, Archduke Mortimer Winthorpe 3rd Marquis of Denmark (guitar),
The Rant (guitar),
Chinley Biggins (bass),
Moonchuck McMungus (sax),
Hamoaglaphonic (drums),
The Inflatable Ginger Party Vortex (keys),
Vanilla Johnson (trombone),
Bobby Snoobins (sax),
La Guapa (trumpet).
That is Colonel Mustard And The Dijon Five. The stage suited tonight’s Yellow Movement Experience and the sell out crowd lapped it all up. It really is a wonderful Rock N Roll cabaret. Tonights Dance off certainly was entertaining. With David Blairs expert break dance moves. And his young contemporary dance prodigy, T Young. Awesomeness personified on a dancefloor suited for purpose. The dance off and amazing choreography is a class act in it self.
Aye it was blinding night. With a Dj set from The Mustards very own DJ5,entertaining . Then it was back on the decks for Divine in the Art House Cafe for some retro classics and audience requests. We kept the groove going until chucking out time with a very satisfied audience indeed. Heading out into a clear and star sparkling night. The 3//4 Moon lighting the path home.

Yellow Movement Fever Part 2

Colonel Mustard/Spring Break. Mad Hatters Inverness, 16/04/2016.
13041237_10153965761376014_4502754557377810178_oAfter a very successful gig for all concerned the previous night in East Kilbride. Divine took the opportunity to travel to Inverness with my host for the weekend, one of the principle protagonists of The Yellow Movement, David Blair. The drive up to Inverness was majestic, the highlands of Scotland are an achingly beautiful thing to take in. We took a break mid journey to take in the splendor of snow capped mountains as David Blair collected daffodils to spread among the anticipated audience in Inverness.
My admiration for this brilliant man grew as we talked about the mission statement and how the inspiration for the Yellow Movement, left me inspired to understand a Spiritual brother and like Divine a true Shaman. We share the same animal totems. What an enlightening journey this turned out to be.
The Mad Hatters in Inverness was in complete contrast to the previous nights Art House experience, a thriving and very busy pub with traditional country folk being performed down stairs. Upstairs a band that Divine had reviewed and been wowed by at Summerhall at last years Fringe in Edinburgh. Spring Break. A Hip Hop hybrid that produce a very entertaining show indeed. The small venue was beginning to burst at the seams.
As tonights Yellow ensemble. gathered. To weave the Yellow Magic, Hmm Divine thought, just how are this massive band gonna fit on this small stage.
Colonel John Thomas McMustard,
The Dijancer,
Full Fathom Five (backing vocals),
Archduke Mortimer Winthorpe 3rd Marquis of Denmark (keys),
The Rant (guitar),
Chinley Biggins (bass),
Hamoaglaphonic (drums),
Vanilla Johnson (trombone),
Bobby Snoobins (sax and birthday girl),
Badges McBuffters (Trumpet).
By the time Colonel Mustard And The Dijon 5 took to the stage, The Mad Hatters was close to bursting point with revelers, Stag and Hen parties and some very drunk Belgian and French initiates into the Yellow experience certainly put this fantastic band through their paces. But win it they did. It was tonights dance-off that unnerved Divine. As The Dijancer, David Blair,bBegan his expert breakdance moves moving to his celebrated head spin. A very drunk obnoxious Hen, pushed our hero over, ruining the routine.But with dynamic professionalism The Dijancer. Opened the floor the Dance Off went off. One particular kilted French Dude, took thesSparkly helmet off of David’s head and proceeded to attempt a head spin. Kilt falling to his waist. Hmm Divine thought, what a little willy.
Divine was getting a lot of attention from Drunk men wanting to hug and kiss him. Presuming I was gay. My eye make up was perfect. It took me back to being in Bradford as a teen. But like water off a ducks back I shrugged it off.
The Mustards worked this challenging gig with professionalism and determined enthusiasm. After the Gig Spring Break took to the decks. We traveled back through the darkness of night. Arriving back at The Yellow Movement HQ at around 5am. Thoroughly exhausted. But what an experience.
Reviewer : Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

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