Music Has Made Me

Music has made me

The legend is true

I’ve seen it in pictures

& tasted it too


The Mumble are firm fans of The Suns of Albert, a psychedelian trio from Edinburgh who n0body actually knows who they are, hide they behind their animal masks & curious soundscapes. Their album, Waking Up In Eden, was never off the office speakers last year after it dropped onto our desks for a review. Twelve months later they return with a single song, not long after The Stone Roses did something similar with ‘All For One.’

Released on World Music Day, Music Has Made Me is a melodic mix of instrumentation &  vocal harmony – & actually sounds better produced than their seminal Eden debut. It’s a four & a half minute train ride of relentless movement & swerving sonicry – like being on a really cool fairground ride. At 75p its a worthy addition to any player – when one can imagines sliding down a rainbow into a well full of silver stars for less than the price of a packet of jelly babies, its a no-brainer really.

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