Just the Tonic at the Community Project, Edinburgh

86 Candlemaker Row, Edinburgh, EH1 2QA

6th-28th August

£10 (£8)


Daft hats, black suits, bright ties and a plethora of patchwork JunNk are aiming for the laugh at me because we are silly market.’JunNk are Edinburgh premiere of Event Awards’ Act of the Year 2013 winners. A dynamic and original variety show where four performers use nothing but junk to create their distinctive music, comedy and frolics. Sometimes barber quartet, a cappella singing,  percussion and innovative music creations, JunNk is a feel good and lively show that’s fun for all the family. Favourites of Amanda Holden, JunNk are a theatre company utilising performing arts elements; from dance to drum and back again via watering can instrument like you have never heard before, singing (into long handled brushes) JunNk perform each show with nothing but rubbish.Sam McGowan, Russell Brooks, Jake Briggs, & Liam Raymond are JunNk and your children will be smiling for the whole performance…except perhaps when they come looking for bottle breathing volunteers when they might suddenly spring a look of sheer horror. Their light performance is really good, if you have seen the floating heads at Kelvingrove Art Galleries and Museums then you have a good idea of what to expect.

The Clangers meets Stig of the Dump, the grunts and noises that accompany the talented drumming didn’t do it for me but clearly ticked all the right boxes for the younger members of the audience.Their carnival atmosphere with instruments created from what looked like spray painted office water bottles to gaffa taped beer/juice bottles cleverly recreating South American pan pipes was pretty cool as was their ability to create tuneful sounds from them. Stevie Wonder’s Superstitious was a highlight as was Survivor’s Eye of The Tiger. If you have never seen a band drumming the floor and their shoes not to mention their hard hat percussion and drummers version of the mexican wave then this one is for you. Lion King fans are in for a treat.This is a definite hit and one that your kids will thank you for.

Reviewer : Clare Crines



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