So Good A Thing

 Saint Marks Art Space
11th and 12th August
Sound:5 Atmosphere:5 Performance:5
Now, this was a perfect show to review on very wet and windy August Wednesday night. The Waldorf Wayfarers are 28 performers that come from as far afield as Australia, Taiwan, Italy and Scotland. Directed and conducted by Judith Clingan. With such a talented international ensemble, I knew I was in for a treat. I took my seat in the church pews and the 28 performers took their positions on the altar to treat us to an hour of angelic voices. From Gregorian Chant to contemporary classical compositions, both a capella, and with period instrumental music, the audience was taken to different times in history entirely.
 The performance held me in its entirety, I closed my eyes and meditated bringing full attention to my sense of hearing. With Judith Clingan explaining each piece before it was performed., the evening proved educational and lush ear candy. The acoustics of Saint Marks perfectly complimented and enhanced what was being presented. Demonstrating how versatile the human voice can be, from a traditional choir to being surrounded by tropical birds in a rain forest. There was also a piece inspired by the witches of Macbeth which was both disturbing and beautiful at the same time. This choir has come a long way to present this vocal magic. It was a perfect experience and I can not reccommend it more highly.
Reviewer : Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert
Inline image 5

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