Sven Ratzke Presents Starman

Assembly Spiegeltent
Until the 28th August
Sound:5 Atmosphere:5 Performance:5
Hmmmmmm….. The title of this show and its wonderfully glam advertising plastered all over Edinburgh. Got me intrigued for this one. Bowie is my man and was always the artist that I would travel the world to see live. I managed this nine times before The Master ascended to the Heavens. I have never been a fan of Bowie cover bands and have always felt a little embarrassed for the imitators of the Leopard Messiah. But…. tonight was different. Sven Raztke is a German and Dutch dramatic queen, who is as handsome as he is in fine voice, as camp as Freddy Mercury and looks like Citizen Smith, the 70’s sitcom Troitsky Star. It made for an interesting combination of characters, weaving in and out of cabaret tales.
The backing band looked awesome and equally as handsome, led by the longtime collaborator Charly Zastrau, who played the keys with a finesse and professionalism that was not far removed from Mike Garson. The arrangements of both Lady With The Ever Grinning Soul and Starman were nothing less than stunning, so tastefully done. Ear-candy to the Max. The lighting was also superb, the larger of the Spiegeltents is massive, as one would come to expect from such an established establishment, with the sound production beautifully done too.
Sven cut a convincing take on Bowie, but not as Bowie, Sven has a personality that is too big too simply be an impersonator. He’s got his own stage-presence, and is a budding rock star with the vocal cords to match. Sven’s show is rather a true Bowie fan’s appreciation of the Master’s work. Charming and flirting with the audience, titillating and tantalizing in a very gay way, Sven made me laugh out loud when he had an energetic connection with George the Builder. In this season of theatre swamped with serious tones it was refreshing to experience Stardust. And yes indeed he did have it! Stardust is what makes it such a special and beautiful thing. If you love Bowie its a must. If you enjoy delicious cabaret its a double must. Bravo! Oh Aye. Sven is a 5 star Guy.
Reviewer : Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert
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