Joe Stilgoe: Songs on Film

Assembly Checkpoint

Until the 27th August (20.20)

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As I took my seat at the Assembly Checkpoint I wasn’t quite sure of what to expect from Songs on Film. Blending cinema and music into a live performance must be a tricky task. But let me tell you – if you like films, music and have a sense of humour then please oblige yourself to see this show.

I must admit I was skeptical… but the show’s opening – a grandiose piece of tongue in cheek showmanship – had me quickly onside. Mr Stilgoe and his excellent band pass through various references to classic cinema, operating with a high degree of musical talent and a good deal of panache. The audience is treated to a selection of songs which can simply be described as all the catchiest bits from movie soundtracks. There’s strange kind of nostalgia about the experience – in a room filled mostly with strangers, the show plays through a number of shared experiences. Each song has you conjuring up the image of the film in your head, like the sweet smell of your favourite dish, reminding you of its flavour.

Stilgoe’s evident joy in entertaining the crowd is infectious. I was humming along to the tunes I did know and quickly making a note of those of I didn’t. By the end, everyone was standing up, having a wee dance. Impressive, creative and highly enjoyable, this is surely one of the best acts at the Fringe.

Reviewer : Mark Parker

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