Emma Pollock

The  Hub

25th August


Emma and friends were joined by a full house at the Edinburgh festival this year, the small stage seemed to be packed with musical genius, Emma is joined by her regular touring band, plus friends and colleagues who are themselves influential names in Scottish music: crossover ensemble the Cairn String Quartet, Glasgow pop vocal duo Bdy_Prts, and acclaimed guitarist and singer RM Hubbert all offered something different to the set.

The last time I saw Emma was as a Delgado’s fan in the rather more gritty atmosphere of the Caz Rock, which is sadly no longer part of Edinburgh’s music scene. Tonight saw Emma deliver a fantastic set.  Much of the audience like myself where in their 40’s and have obviously followed Emma in her career since the late 1990’s, the set did not disappoint with a mix of old and new songs.

Emma’s roots still remain indie rock, the impressive cry of the bass and the recognisable rasp and beauty of Emma’s voice took you back 20 years, you felt the audience struggling to stay in their seat as more familiar tunes from The Law of Large Numbers LP (2010) The set offered a good balance of songs that allowed the audience to get lost in the music while others offered a real punch and had you dancing in your seat.

When they were not knocking out great Tunes, Emma enjoyed the banter with the audience, Emma really sang the praise of the work that goes into the Edinburgh Festival and how it supported an eclectic choice of music each year, with this gig they nailed it, great venue and great all round performances from all that graced the stage. I will certainly be checking out Emma’s new album ‘in search of Harperfield’ which was released earlier this year.

Reviewer Dolina Gorman

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