Midstock 2016

Dalkeith Country Park

September 3rd


Dalkeith Country Park is always a great place to take the kids for an afternoon, pre-dinner stroll. However, when Midstock rocks up for its annual bonanza, the kids are like, ‘We Love Dalkeith Country Park!’ Combine a great line up of acts, some quality food & a really fun & vibrant fairground & you’re on to a winner – especially when its a case of ‘taps aff, sun’s oot’ as it was last Saturday. We stayed a couple of hours me & the fam, catching Dave Pearce whistle through a wicked hour of hands-in-the-air, foot-thumpin’ club classics, followed by a wonderful rocky set from a Maltese Band – Airport Impressions – who were kicking off their Scottish tour in Dalkeith.


Then it was time to go home, & as we left the smaller children were being replaced by teenagers on the fairground rides – a a couple of drunk mums  – & the later crowd was massing through the gates. On another occasion me & the wife would have stayed longer, but we had to sort things out for school. But driving away both us & the kids were happy, saying, ‘we really enjoyed that.’


Reviewer : Damian Beeson Bullen



The directors of Midstock Festival sincerely apologise for the disappointment our patrons suffered as a result of our headliners, Scouting For Girls failing to perform as planned.

The band’s transport broke down en route to Dalkeith and despite their best efforts, was unable to get to the site. This incident was completely out with the control of the festival organisers but behind the scenes, Midstock Festival made every attempt to assist them. Sadly, everything went against the clock and we had no alternative but to announce that the band would not be performing.

We are as disappointed as all of you and we hope you can support us as we try to recover from the backlash we’ve received as a result.

As residents of Dalkeith and strong supporters of the community as a whole, we endeavour to produce the best festival for you that our budgets allow and will continue to do so. What we didn’t have last night was another headlining band to replace Scouting For Girls.

This incident aside, the feedback we have had about Midstock Festival as a whole has been largely positive and has encouraged us greatly. The appetite for a good musical festival on our doorsteps is still there and we thank those who take the time to give us this feedback.

Thank you to each and every one of you who came along and we hope you enjoyed the rest of the day. We will continue to work tirelessly to bring the best acts we can to Dalkeith and we hope we can count on your support in the future.

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