An Interview With David Maitland (Hostel Freaks)


THE MUMBLE : Hi David, so where are you from originally & how did you end up in EdinburghDAVID : Hello and thanks for asking! I’m from the Highlands of Scotland originally, and lived in Glasgow too. Later, I went to Paris to be a TEFL English teacher, sucked at it, so became a segway tour guide instead. After a stint of this in Paris, and Berlin, I eventually seg’ed my way back to Scotland.

THE MUMBLE : Who, or what, are Hostel Freaks?
DAVID : Hostel Freaks is mainly me playing cosmic electronica and sci-if synthwave on battered old drum machines, gadgets, & synths that are held together with duck tape (true!). If only I did all this at the same time as piloting a Segway. (Future project?) Also, because I lack the useful quality that is talent, I sometimes get friends and also my brother James to join me. He plays guitar that sounds like BB King stranded on an asteroid.


THE MUMBLE : What are the musical influences behind the band?
DAVID :BB King stranded on an asteroid. Mainly that.  I also quite liked that time when The Human League got lost in a huge 24hr ASDA.  I think that’s when vapour-wave was invented, right?

THE MUMBLE : You have just recorded an EP – can you tell us the motivation behind it?
DAVID :I got lost in the cassette and CD deptartment of Woolworths when I was a child. Luckily, The Pleasure Principle by Gary Numan was being played in full at the time over the shop speakers: I found that soothing. This EP is a re-imagining of that confusing, real life ordeal.

THE MUMBLE : Where, when & by whom was it recorded?

I wanted to record it in the freezer section of ASDA but there was too much bureaucracy involved with that (who’d have guessed?)  So I settled on my living room for the location of recording. It’s got a nice rug.  The rug didn’t affect the sound. But it affects the mind. Such good patterns on it. Kind of Turkish. But probably from IKEA.

THE MUMBLE : What are the plans for 2017 for Hostel Freaks

DAVID : Buy another rug. Stop getting lost in supermarkets. OH! And I’m launching the 4 track cassette EP /. Download at gigs , supported by the incredible Glamour Muscle, and Scotland’s best rapper : MC Almond Milk. You should all come!

Edinburgh, The Safari Lounge, Fri 27th Jan
Glasgow , Old Hairdressers, Fri 10th Feb


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