An Interview With Matthew Priest


THE MUMBLE : Hi Matthew, so you & the Dodgy boys are coming back to Scotland… where & when are you playing

MATTHEW : We are indeed, can’t wait. We’re in Edinburgh on Thursday 16th Feb at banner mans and then on to Glasgow on the Friday at the Record factory.

THE MUMBLE : What’s it like playing to a Scottish crowd & how have the Scots been with Dodgy over the years.

MATTHEW : Well because of the distance it’s always felt like a holiday and jolly up for us. Scottish folk are very funny, great drinkers and very bright, you know, soulful. Well, the ones we meet are anyway. What’s not to love about that?

THE MUMBLE : You’re promoting your new album, What Are We Fighting For? It took a while, this one, what’s the story?

MATTHEW : There’s no point going through the whole process of writing and making an album unless you believe it’s the best album you’ve ever done. We produced it ourselves and Nige mixed it, so these things take time. There’s no rush. It takes us longer to get off the sofa nowadays.

THE MUMBLE :  What are the stand out tracks for you personally?

MATTHEW : I love the first track, You Give Drugs A Bad Name, it was the lead off track from the album and everyone went nuts over it, it’s immense live And I love the title track – it is so epic that that you need a base camp and your own team of sherpas to navigate it.


THE MUMBLE : What does 2017 have in store for Dodgy?

MATTHEW : Lots and lots of shows. We tried to cut back this year but we keep getting great offers through – Mallorca, a mini cruise to Rotterdam, Carfest. Loads. But lets see if we survive Scotland first.

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