Margo Price and Aaron Lee Tasjan

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Country and western music is very popular for many communities in Glasgow, no less so than at the Grand Ole Opry situated near the Clyde in Kennishead. The performance at the Oran Mor on Tuesday was attended to the point of capacity at the Venue at the Oran Mor. Aaron Lee Tasjan took to the stage in western/sixties clothing donning a hat of great quality. His music suited his clothes, using country, rock n’ roll, blues tunes to make his accompaniment stand out as he performed on his own. His-story telling quality and his grasp on the audience grew greater and greater and his whole show did the same following suit. Performers were behind black curtains as the audience grew in number and moved to the large floor to be closer to the stage wearing cowboy boots and hats. More than not though they wore casual clothing compared to a night at the ‘Opry’ where they wear everything from boots (cowboy) to Stetson hats and even fake guns.

Margo was seen arriving and within moments she was on stage playing her first song which was already full on country style. Her lyrics have been compared with Tammy Wynette in there realistic; heart felt tales from her experience living in the USA. Something to think about is the universal similarity of life experience in places that are many thousands of miles apart this makes the legend even better and the country crowds greater larger and more enthralled by the likes of Price.

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The night was a privilege to attend for these reasons, for half the show there was only standing still listening then once again as the show progressed the energy filled more and more of the room. To the levels of actually being quite powerful in the performance, warming up in a link of crowd to performers. These classical identities of country music though wide spread are still pretty unique in the form of stamina that comes from impoverished living. The particular lyrics of Margo were as uncompromising as the confidence with which she swayed the crowd into her control in the most loving manner, strikingly obvious and in a delightful way.

Her voice was powerful, soulful and beautiful, as she showed her dedication to the melodies, and scales of country music. She boldly threw her enthusiasm into the evening and thus the crowd, working very naturally and dancing at points where the music flew faster and swaying also for the softer moments. She drew the crowd in a very non premeditated way being as charming as the music behind her. A gig like this throws caution to the wind in order to celebrate life and famously liven up every audience especially the faithful country and western stars hailing from Glasgow and in the mood to have a good time.

Her mood was created around every aspect of her performance and the show, if it got dark it soon changed to lighten up and if it got too melancholy it soon returned to livening up. By the end there was a real sense that the band wanted to be there, that Margo herself wanted to be there to enjoy, enthral and fulfil an esteemed sense of joy to the packed room, very relaxed stage, very strong and beautiful musical tones

Reviewer: Daniel Donnelly

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