Divine Inspirations #1

Granny Radge’s Rock n Roll 60th Birthday Party


Whilst on my walk, I popped into Saint Giles on the Royal Mile.
My Prayers are always answered and I have an open dialogue with Creator at this Church.
I Prayed for a Solution.
And to this sorrow and winter blues.
And end
To the Sorrow that was. Indeed.
And the Blues turned into pinks.
The Answer that came?

Anyway, the answer that came was
First align oneself to the solution and let go of the problem.
Then I thought, Well what is the solution. And Creator replied. “Love”
Love is the solution
And Love will heal the problem.

My train pulled into Dunbar at 17.50 on a cold wet January evening. I was picked up at the train station by Louise Hare and whisked to West Barns Inn. For set up and sound check. Granny always puts on a good show, so as a Dj i always jump at the chance, when she asks I say Yes. It was a packed house, and I easily warmed up the Dancefloor with some old Punk Rock numbers. The night began with a talk from Nicky Robertson the Mother of a ten year old girl called Macy who is needing life giving surgery on her spine. The operation can only be carried out in America and the cost is £150’000. The night doubled as a fundraiser and Granny’s Birthday party.


The first band on Stage, “The Victorian Trout Conspiracy”. An orchestral fusion of well-rehearsed musicians, having graced the stages of all the important Scottish Festivals. Tonight’s performance was a delight and the Trouts performed with a gusto. The Party was building and beginning to swing.


Its Fresh.
Its Baltic.
Got all the Windows Open.
The Distant Owl.
Sings Its Lonesome Song.
To Comfort this longing Soul.
And Now I meditate.


Next on stage a rising star in our midst Miss Emma Milligan serenading her audience with renditions of Rock n Roll classics. Oh yes she had us all in the palm of her hand. A beautiful voice and well played guitar. This young lady is going to go far.

Diamond Jack assembled on stage. A collection of well-honed musicianship and tangible chemistry that delivered more Rock N Roll classics powerfully and totally Rock n roll baby. The Vodka and Red Bull started to kick in and I couldn’t contain my dancing feet any longer. Boogie Boogie Boogie. Diamond Jack were fantastic. Dj Divine was back on the decks playing Bowie as a band that I have performed with myself “The Victor Pope Band” took to the stage and with anticipated excellence, the boys delivered a well-crafted and intelligent set of numbers that excited everyone.


Seona Mason-Chadburn’s, brilliant Birthday cake creation delighted everyone, especially the ladies. It tasted as good as it looked. Nom nom.

The Final band of this prestigious night “Damson Jam” a group of local musicians who joined together especially for the night and gave us their best. Everyone was having a ball.

The night climaxed with a happy birthday to you singalong for Granny Radge, Our host then delivered the news that the night had raised £700 for young Macy’s operation.Winner all round.

Adrian Girling coordinator of the sound system and sound engineer of the night. Did a sterling job, by running a tight ship and bringing the best out in everyone. All in all a brilliant night.


On The In Breath
Slowly Fill the lungs and Think.
“I am Sexy”
On The Exhale
“I know it.

On the In breath.
I am sexy.
On The Out-Breath.
I Know it.

Repeat 20 times.
Or untill.
You Are Sexy And You Know it.

Good Time Divinexxx



Dear Divine, I am aware you are a true Reiki master, & have been following your words with much pleasure. Could you please tell me a couple of things – 1 – How long do you have Rei ki once we have been attuned to Reiki? 2 – How does Rei ki help us in our lives? Sinead from Cannonmills

Divine’s Wisdom : (1) A Reiki attunement is a ritual that is carried out by a Reiki master, such as Divine. It connects the initiate with the healing frequency known as Rei Ki. Its purpose is to heal the mind body and spirit. Once First degree instruction has been recieved. Reiki is a life long skill.  (2) Rei Ki is a faithful friend. With a bit of simple instruction, passed from experienced Master to Student. It will heal the cause of everything that troubles us. Indeed it is a life skill. That allows us heal in many miraculous ways. When a person is ready for Reiki to be part of there lives they will be drawn to it like a thirsty horse to water. In short Reiki empowers an individual to take control. Reiki also empowers all other modalities of Spiritual healing. And its essence is exactly that. Spiritual Healing. Or love. Or God. Good time. ❤

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