An Interview with Julia Hall

THE MUMBLE : So where ya from & where ya at, geographically speaking?
JULIA : I moved to Scotland from England 10 years ago, and I live in Edinburgh.
THE MUMBLE : Where does your love of music come from
JULIA :My love of music comes from an early age, I’m a musician and I play clarinet. I enjoy going to live music events and love the atmosphere at live music events.
THE MUMBLE : Can you tell us the initial impulses behind setting up Mellow Promotions
JULIA :I initially started Mellow Promotions as a student project when I was studying Music Business while at uni at Perth College UHI in 2015. This grew onto more gigs, and I had artists contacting me for gigs so it grew from there. I wanted to put on good lineups in Edinburgh.
THE MUMBLE : You are now putting on gigs around Edinburgh & Glasgow – which venues?
JULIA : I’m currently putting on gigs at Henry’s Cellar Bar, Electric Circus and Sketchy Beats Cafe, and Hug and Pint in Glasgow. The first venue I used in Glasgow was Shadow Sound which was great because it’s small and intimate.
THE MUMBLE : Which has been your most enjoyable gig?
JULIA : My most enjoyable gig was my first gig at Electric Circus with The Rising Souls, because of how successful it was. I enjoyed The Mantells’ Edinburgh gig because I’d been listening to their music for a while before the gig. I also really enjoyed Colour Me Wednesday’s Edinburgh gig at Opium last April.
Mia and the moon.jpg
Glass Peaks.jpg

THE MUMBLE : So you’ve a couple events coming up, can you tell us about them?

JULIA : I’m putting on Mia and the moon who are an acoustic/folk duo from Leicester at different venues in Scotland, Coffee on Wooer in Falkirk on the 3rd of March, Sofi’s Bar in Edinburgh on the 4th of March, and the Hug and Pint in Glasgow on the 5th of March. I also have Sisteray coming to Edinburgh on their UK tour for their debut Scottish show at Henry’s Cellar Bar on the 10th of March. Sisteray are a garage punk band from London, who have recently signed with Vallance Records. I have an indie/alt-pop band Glass Peaks from Kent coming to Edinburgh at Electric Circus on the 17th of March for their debut Scottish show, they’re also playing Glasgow the day after at Buff Club with New Hellfire Club. Joe McCorriston along with JW Edwards are playing an intimate acoustic show at Sketchy Beats Cafe in Leith on the 31st of March with support from Johnny Brown and Sapienn. Joe McCorriston has supported Frank Turner in Barnsley.
THE MUMBLE : What does the rest of 2017 have in store for Julia Hall
JULIA :I have more gigs to announce in the coming months with touring bands which will be announced soon. Hopefully I’ll have more gigs planned for during the Edinburgh Fringe this year.

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