An Interview with Grant Nicholas

Feeder are in Scotland this Saturday, at Edinburgh’s Queens Hall

Lead singer, Grant Nicholas, took time to chat to the Mumble



Hello Grant, so are you looking forward to your gig in Edinburgh – have you visited the city before?

Really looking forward to it. We have been many times and I also did a show there on my solo album tour. It’s a lovely city and Scottish audiences are always great. 


So what started you off in the musical spheres, in the earliest days? 

It really started off after seeing a band at school play when I was around 9 or 10 years old. I remember looking through my Mother’s shopping catalogues and dreaming of buying an electric guitar. I also went to a few rock concerts when I was young and loved the atmosphere and decided then I wanted to be in a band. 


How did the formation of your band, Feeder, come about?

We kind of Started in South Wales where I met Jon Lee, Feeder’s founding drummer. We used to rehearse in an old barn there as it was so much cheaper than the rehearsals rooms in London. I had moved to London and found a job in a recording studio for 3 years before starting the band with Jon and he eventually joined me in London. 


Twenty years later, how does playing with the band still feel?

We feel good at the moment and glad to still being doing it. I think the break did us good and we are very happy with the way All Bright Electric came out and was received. There is new spark and it’s nice to still feel inspired after all these years. 


Can you tell us the inspiration behind your latest album, All Bright Electric? 

I just try to write songs that hopefully will connect in some way with people. Most of the songs were written on acoustic guitar, my writing instrument of choice. I love the freedom to write heavy or mellow songs as this is part of the Feeder sound and dynamic. When we play together it just comes together. 


Where & how was it recorded?

The drums were recorded in some bigger studios in and around London but the majority of the record was done in my little studio The Treehouse. You can hear the birds singing on some of the vocal takes. 


What are the stand out songs for your personally, both musically & lyrically?

 I am really happy with the album overall but I really like Infrared Ultraviolet, Eskimo and Universe of Life . 


What does the rest of 2017 have in store for Grant Nicholas?

More touring, festivals and some recording as I have just written a bunch of new songs. We have something planned so watch this space.



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