Queens Hall


25th March 2017


After interviewing Grant Nicholas of Feeder, the Mumble thought they’d check out the band while they were in Edinburgh

Taking charge of the Queens Hall in Edinburgh on Saturday night were highly-acclaimed, heavy-hitting band Feeder.  After a 4 year spell away from both the live circuit and the studio, Grant Nicholas & co. have returned in splendid form with their 9th studio album “All Bright Electric,” released last September.  Since their debut album, “Swim” back in the mid 90s, their success has been well deserved. A hard working bunch, they constantly deliver well-written songs, a tradition perfectly maintained in “All Bright Electric”.  With the Queens Hall being one of the best venues in Edinburgh for acoustic sound qualities, Feeder were sure to enjoy this gig as much as their fans would.  With the stalls completely full of Feeder fans wearing old and new t-shirts, the lights dimmed and the mayhem ensured. Like newly born crickets the crowd erupted into a frenzy of dance and pogoing …..   The band looked fresh and good…

The backdrop was a series of projected images of forests, cities at night and other mood-moulding, thought-provoking material, which added contrast to the gig-atmosphere that was turning into an electrical storm.  Delivering the first of many tunes, the band appeared to be well rehearsed, sharp, tight and most of all, the crows was loving it. It certainly looked like Feeder were happy to be back on the open road doing what they do best, entertaining their fans.  The first single from the new album “Universe of Life” was played to a grateful reception. As Nicholas said to NME, they wanted this album to find the Heart and Soul of “Feeder”, & with the evidence on show tonight, I think the new album has found just that.  A now hot and sweaty crowd were being treated to such favourites as “Buck Rogers“, “Just The Way I’m Feeling” and “Just a Day.”  The whole front of the stalls were swaying about like trees in the wind and singing like their was no tomorrow.  Feeder have returned with a bang; fresh, but with elements of the old band that brought them to where they are now.  This was a gig of  massive guitar riffs and deep bass cords that shook the foundations of the Queens Hall itself. The sound was fantastic which paid tribute to the band.  Good to see them back.

Reviewed by Raymondo

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