Colin Hay in Scotland


Internationally celebrated front-man, Colin Hay, is hitting Scotland three times this week… tonight at the Old Fruit Market in Glasgow, this Friday at the Queen’s Hall in Edinburgh, then again next Sunday at the Lemon Tree in Aberdeen. He’ll be touring his new album, Fierce Mercy, a fabulous poppy romp through his poetical, philosophical vision of life. An eclectic album, there are beautiful ballads too, A Thousand Million Reasons is sheer heartwarming delight, while I’m Inside Outside In is a jangly & luxurious nod to the 60s.

Recorded in LA & Nashville, & mixed by Vance Powell, from every track shines America’s sunny south. Of the creativity behind the album, Colin told the Mumble,

When you’re in your 20s, you think you’ve all the time in the world. You get older, & you go through a quickening. Everything seems to get faster. With the changing weather patterns, or the polar ice caps melting, we’re getting all of these warnings, & a lot of them are incredibly fierce. But they still feel somewhat merciful – they’re not destroying us totally. We’re all being told, ‘Listen, you can still maybe address this, & it wont get to the point where I have to take you all out. You’ve still got a shot.’

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