Edinburgh four-piece Bluebirds have unveiled their menacing self-released debut EP, There Is No God; the EP follows on from the clattering brilliance of single ‘Subcultural Love’ with a set of well-crafted, dark, punk love songs recorded over an extended period.

Recorded at Glasgow’s Green Door Studio with Stu Evans, after falling in love with the unique and modern take on vocals and old, warm sound created with that combo on The Amazing Snakeheads’ Amphetamine Ballads album, There Is No God came about from a band trying to find their sound, entering the studio for the first time in August 2015, and recording multiple album’s worth of songs before settling on this strong selection of tracks.

After becoming disinterested with the sound and momentum of their last band, brothers Daniel and Jack Telford decided to learn from their experiences and formed Bluebirds. Choosing the right studio and taking their time to craft their own sound through influences that range from Northern Soul to Bowie and Berlin-era Iggy Pop to Elvis himself. With lyrics that draw from the dark, lovelorn brilliance of Nick Cave and the unorthodox, brutally honest genius of Bukowski, Bluebirds explore themes of longing and frustrations with the world, bringing dark twisted scenarios to every day situations.


Bluebirds - There Is No God.JPGVocalist Daniel Telford describes his lyrics as such: “if my lyrics ever sound remotely political then they are 100% intended to be anti anti-establishment. I’m sorry if that offends all the do gooders our there but it’s just not something I’m interested in. I’d rather write about a really sharply dressed cannibal.”

Live Bluebirds have wowed audiences with shows that grab you by the scruff of the neck and enchant you with an addictive, dark yet modern spin on post punk, performing to full rooms at city festivals Stag and Dagger and Tenement Trail and supporting the likes of And Yet It Moves in their hometown.

Bluebirds are Daniel Telford (vocals/guitar), Jack Telford (bass/vocals), Josef Benassi (organ/synth), Harris Le Derf (drums)

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